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 VitalOrganization Raises the Bar for Corporate Wellness  

Many studies* have shown lack of effectiveness in traditional corporate wellness programs


Despite their popularity, such programs do not offer effective solutions to the corporate-wide issues of: 

- Unmanaged stress

- Emotional health

- Mental Health

- Low satisfaction

- Disengagement

- Presenteeism

- Absenteeism

- Low productivity

- Impaired capacity

- Staff turnovers



These issues together, cost US companies over $550 Billion a year in addition to damages inflicted upon corporate reputation and customer satisfaction.


Programs that are not based on science and psychometric diagnostics are often not successful in showing sustained benefits


Merely addressing a few parameters of physical health such as BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and exercise has 

repeatedly failed to achieve healthy results or show a return on investment. They are a drain on corporate finances as well as employee morale, being in essence very expensive band-aid measures.


By contrast, our diagnostic-based solutions embraces the full spectrum of personal issues and work culture factors well known to impair productive well-being.


While most programs treat symptoms, our solutions treat the cause 


VitalOrganization's well-proven scientific methods** diagnose the company's state of health. We then build on our client's specific strengths while embracing growth opportunities and challenges, enhancing productivity and internal capacity for success. Diagnostics lead to solution roadmaps through a systematic approach. The results are well-proven and can be tracked over time.


We are guided by our values


  • We guard our client's confidentiality.

  • We use scientific methods to determine priorities and action plans, then provide clear roadmaps.

  • We do not offer off-the-shelf solutions. We tailor our workshops to each company's realistic and specific goals.

  • We are respectful of our client company's culture and are flexible with time and budget considerations. 

  • We only take assignments if we believe the value we create for our clients substantially exceeds our professional fees. 

  • We care about the well-being of employees, the client company and the society in general.  





** Corporate diagnostics and core training material are researched at and copyrighted to The Canadian Institute of Stress.

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