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Healthcare Stress-reduction & Change-training

Helping our colleagues in high-stress jobs


Hospitals are high-intensity, stressful workplaces. Many recent changes have catalyzed an unprecedented degree of inflation in work stress, dissatisfaction and job turn-overs. Changes such as:


  • Integration of Electronic Medical Records

  • Increased Government Regulations

  • Budget Cuts and Increased Workload

  • Mergers and Strategic Partnerships

  • Scheduling Issues

  • Increasing Emotional and Psychological Burdens








Unmanaged stress is a major contributing factor in occurrence of hospital errors, the third leading cause of death in the United States



Stress and change management training in healthcare organizations is different and challenging. It requires an intimate knowledge of hospital and clinic work environments and their special needs and requirements.


VitalOrganization management, staff and trainers come from medical and psychological backgrounds and have first-hand experience and knowledge in healthcare workplace issues, giving us a strong position to carry out the unique mission of helping our colleagues to be the best employees they can be.  

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