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"Ed is A+ in all respects I've known him ... as student, colleague, outside-the-box innovator and as a trusted personal advisor. Don't miss out on any chance you have to know him."

-Dr. Richard Earle, PhD - Managing Director, The Canadian Institute of Stress



  • Excellent presentation on a topic that’s been around for a long time, but never presented in this manner w/this information. Thank you for shattering the work/life balance myth.


  • Yes. I am ready to act on my vitality picture.


  • Dear Ed,

       Thank you for your presentation yesterday.  I enjoyed it and you gave me several action points.  I'm looking forward to reading these books. Best, Lois

       -Wisconsin Women Business Owners Group



  • This was a very interesting topic and was extremely well laid out/delivered/presented. Well done!


  • Thank you! I needed to hear everything you said. I appreciate you being here today.


  •  Exactly what I needed at this juncture of my life. Thank you for the “envelope” gift – just may have saved my sanity! I really enjoyed learning about the physiology of the brain and the resources available for follow up.

           -Howick and Associates



  •  Madison, Wisconsin, USA – In September, 2015, Vital Organization, LLC, launched its suite of services modeled on the applied research, diagnostic tools and core programs developed by the Canadian Institute of Stress. Vital Organization’s chief executive is Ed Adib, MD, a cardiothoracic surgeon who graduated in 2007 from the Institute’s online certification training for Stress & Wellness Consultants SWC(c).

     His on-going consultation with the Institute is reflected in Vital Organization’s suite of services, including:
     • Executive assessment and coaching
      Corporate training, coaching and blended E-learning with a specialization for health care organizations and professions
     • Human resources programming focusing on productive wellbeing, especially during corporate change
     Vital Organization’s hallmark commitment is to science-based diagnostic tools, directly focusing evidence-based program            development to support demonstrated positive ROI outcomes. You are invited to visit their homepage at        

    -Canadian Institute of Stress/Hans Selye Foundation Website



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