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Executives often pay too high a personal price for company's success 

Carrying a large burden of responsibilty while achieving great results does not come easy. Work headaches, constant changes, difficult people, underperforming employees and  many sleepless nights will eventually take their toll on executives, sometimes with catastrophic results, both in health and personal relationships. (High work stress in 55%, low work satisfaction in 44%, low worklife ROI in 54%)*


As a consequence and in addition, your compay also sustains high costs for its executives' declining health and well-being. 


Executive coaching starts with a confidential on-line diagnostic, StressPro™, and follows with a customized plan of action, building on strenghts and reducing stress related risks. It is typically involves one-hour sessions offered once per week over the course of five to six weeks, either in person or by tele-conferencing. Coaching is conducted by experts in the field of stress with knowledge of executive lifestyles and realities of leadership responsibilities in corporate world as well as its effects on family life.


We designed this highly effective coaching not to give you more chores but to make your life easier and more gratifying. We help you draw your own personal, clear and practical roadmap to maximize your work-life and home-life satisfaction and fulfillment. This is a very precious and special gift from you to you.


*Source:  Hans Selye Foundation, N = 19,212 multi-national executives completing online StressPro profile  2009-2011 in Foundation’s international affiliate centers.

Executive Stress Management and Vitality Coaching

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