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Solutions for Human Resources

We assist HR in Dealing with:

  • Workplace Change & Stress Management

  • Work Dissatisfaction, Disengagement and High Employee Turnover

  • Difficult Employees and Employees with Special Needs

  • Productivity and Capacity Improvement

  • Underperforming Existing Programs



Organizational Diagnostics for Better Results

We use the Power of Scientific Diagnostics

Treating organizational productivity and wellness issues without diagnosis is similar to treating an illness without knowing what you are trying to heal. It simply does not work and it could be hazardous! 


Our main corporate diagnostic tool, Corporate Vital SignsTM , uses a confidential, online profile, VitalityProTM. Each employee receives a 6-page priority as well as a more detailed report/action plan on their physical, psychological and emotional health. We measure work stress, home stress, work satisfaction, work engagement and work relationships in unparalleled detail. Our client corporation receives a comprehensive report, Corporate Vital Signs, with aggregate results of employees, accurately pinpointing strengths and growth opportunities. We then build on strengths to achieve high ROI outcomes.   


Our methodology is unique because it is based on professional training, science and accurate diagnostic techniques* developed through decades of research at the Canadian Institute of Stress. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all program. Our solutions are custom-designed and carried out specifically for your company. Unlike most other programs we do not treat symptoms. Our workshops address the root causes of disabilities, dissatisfaction and disengagement through highly effective training protocols.   


* Corporate diagnostics and core training material are researched at and copyrighted to The Canadian Institute of Stress.

On-Site Well-being Clinics

We Help You Reinvent Corporate Health and Wellness

•  Reduce and prevent workplace injuries.

•  Diminish doctor visits and medication expenses.

•  Reduce disability days, job absenteeism and "presenteeism".

•  Continuously monitor and improve stress, satisfaction and work engagement.

•  Effectively manage health risk-factors such as poor nutrition, lack of exercise, obesity,

    hypertension and diabetes with ongoing monitoring and support.

•  Use on-site support systems to greatly enhance employees’ satisfaction, engagement,

    sense of “belonging” and loyalty.

•  Improve physical, mental and emotional health; promote healthy relationships with co-

    workers, family and friends; and enhance productivity and "fitness for success".


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