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 Stress and Vitality Training Workshops




Making Change Successful  (MCS)


See details of how we do it


12-18 hours


(Two to three full-days or three to five half-days)

  • Making sense of of workplace change and uncertainties. 

  • Discovering stress physiology of change.

  • Mastering the art of turing stress into  success and vitality.

  • Learninig skills to turn worry & victim feelings into winner actions.

  • Handling workplace rumors.

  • Turning disengagement into re-engagement

  • Finding satisfaction at work and at home.

  • Win-win commmunications and actions.



Making Change Successful not Stressful (MCSS): Mastering the art of turning stress, uncertainty & change into

         success and vitality


5 hours


Abbreviated live or on-line version of Making Change Successful  (MCS)


Vitality in Stressful Careers



Learning skills to transform work stress into satisfaction and success.

2 hours


Success for Stressful Careers


1  hour 


Lunch-&-Learn version of VSC

Follow-up Training

1 to 4 hours


As needed follow-up training for MCS and Change-ability courses

Team development & Win-win problem solving



Support the team and manager in steps for integrating the Win-Win Problem Solving process into routine team operations.

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