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Overview of the Roadmap Guiding the Solution Process in Making Change Successful (MCS)

Goal: Change-resilient staff and teams are ready & fully engaged to achieve excellence in productive well-being and Key Performance Indicators

Phase I: Diagnostics & Design



Action to strengthen staff change-Ability & productive wellbeing is a priority because:

1- Success in new challenges will depend on individuals and teams contributing consistently at their best, or

2- Managers note that a team-in-change shows signs of growing stress / disengagement.

What we do...


1- Consultation with stakeholders

2-  Preliminary fact finding

3-  Briefing for decision makers

4- Corporate Vital Signs diagnostic

Our work produces...


1- Corporate Vital Signs report highlighting team

strengths as well as any vulnerabilities in the

team’s resilience and engagement.


2- VitalityPro online profile provides action-focused,

personalized guidance for each staff member.


3- Recommended Solution design for the company

  Phase II: Staff training & Coaching

Action is taken to ensure:

Energy & balance vs.

Stress & disability

Performance vs. Presenteeism

Key staff retention vs.

Best people leaving

Optimism & Creativity vs.


Resourcefulness vs. Corner cutting

Goal focused co-operation vs.


What we do...


Via classroom and/or E-learning train & coach staff in core skills for:

1. Stress control & wellness

2. Work satisfaction

3. Change resilience

4. Win-win work relationships

Our methodology has resulted in...



  • Work stress: 32% improvement


  • Work satisfaction: 38% improvement


  • Job commitment: 62% improvement


  • Absence: 18% reduction


  • Disability: days 52% reduction


  • Grievances: 32% reduction

Phase III: Team Development


Action is taken to ensure:

Client target indicators achieved, including:

 On-time / on-budget vs. Missed targets

Consistent quality vs. Uneven quality

Strong customer service vs. Lost customers

Problems detected early vs.

"Live with it"

Solutions / innovations vs. Few good ideas

What we do...



Support the team and manager in steps for integrating the Win-Win Problem Solving process into routine team operations. See Full Engagement Process

Our methodology has resulted in...

(Pilot vs control groups*)


  • Team problem solving: 54% improvement


  • Bottom line productivity: 7% improvement


  • Quality measures: 13% improvement


  • Customer service: 17% improvement


  • Retention of key staff: 49% improvement


    *Client-selected KPI outcomes & project ROI

Corporate diagnostics and core training meterial are researched at and copyrighted to The Canadian Institute of Stress.

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