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Is your company a 3-D workplace?    

The three often neglected but closely linked employee warning signs are parts of a vicious cycle that is costing American corporations in excess of $550 billion every year and the number is rising.


Band-aid type remedies and many other tried-but-no-longer-true methods have routinely failed to reverse the trend. The reason for such failures is not surprising. Much like in the medical field, misdiagnosis often leads to incorrect treatment.


Wear and tear on human capital, unlike that of equipment and buildings, is insidious but more costly. While just about every company budgets for building and equipment maintenence and/or replacements, only the most successful corporations allocate resources to maintain their employees in good working shape.


As it happens, these highly successful organizations have learned that maintenance of their human capital is more rewarding, both financially and ethically.


Corporate employee problems commonly follow a predictable pattern in a self-perpetuating cycle:


Excessive and mismanaged home and work stress, including stresses caused by organizational change, leads to disabilities and illnesses.....which leads to employee job dissatisfaction.....which leads to employee disengagement from company.....which leads to employee unsuccesssfully trying to re-engage.....creating more stress.....which leads to more disability, more dissatisfaction and more disengagement.


End results are predictable. Job absenteeism, sick leaves, doctor visits, employee turnover, law suits and most importantly "presenteeism" all go up while productivity, customer satisfaction and profits take a nose dive.


You cannot apply the same treatment to people in different stages of this cycle. For example, if you put disengaged employees through the garden-variety wellness training courses, they may very well learn how to relax, enjoy their lives more and take better care of themselves, but that would not translate into better corporate productivity or customer satisfaction. A disengaged employee simply does not care enough about the welfare of his/her company or its customers.


A correct and accurate diagnosis is therefore crucial to success. You have to know what your employees are experiencing before you can apply corrective measures.


Scientific diagnostic methods and solutions created and used globally by The Canadian Institute of Stress and its corporate division Vital Corporation, have consistently resulted in measurable success which is achieved by methodical applications of field-tested science and innovative techniques. The institute, founded by Dr.Hans Selye and Dr. Richard Earle, is the world's leading establishment in the fields of stress and vitality with extensive research and experimentation history.   



VitalOrganization applies the well-proven diagnostics and core training curriculum of The Canadian Institute of Stress to achieve the highest possible level of success in reducing stress-related disabilities, improving work satisfaction, increasing employee engagement and enhancing capacity, productivity and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to prevent the 3-D cycle from damaging your organization.


For more information about our Corporate Diagnostic Tools including "VitalityPro" and "Corporate Vital Signs", see "The science behind diagnostics" .

To see how training workshops can help your business, click here.

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