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Organizational Diagnostic and Problem Solving Consultations

Using the power of diagnostics


Treating corporate issues without diagnosis is similar to treating an illness without knowing what you are treating. It simply does not work! 


CorporateHearts' main organizational diagnostic, Corporate Vital Signs (C) is administered by employees completing a confidential VitalityPro profile on-line. The individual receives a 37 page report on their physical health, psychological and emotional health, work stress, home stress, work satisfaction and work engagement. The client corporation recieves a complete aggregated report of employees, accurately pinpointing problem areas by department.   


This methodology is unique because it is based on professional training, science and accurate diagnosis. We use five powerful diagnostic protocols developed through seventeen years of research at the Canadian Institute of Stress. Any subsequent intervention is directed only at problem areas. Corporate resources will not be wasted on areas that are not in need of intervention.

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