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Gretchen Diem PHD

Associate consultant


Dr. Diem has 13 years of experience as a clinical health psychologist with expertise in the field of mind body medicine.  She earned her doctorate degree in clinical psychology at the University of Denver and completed a clinical internship at the University of California, Berkeley.  She also completed a postdoctoral fellowship in behavioral medicine at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California. 


Dr. Diem is dedicated to the research, teaching, and clinical application of behavioral science interventions designed to reduce the physical, emotional, and financial impacts of stress.  She has developed and implemented many progressive and innovative programs, which offer practical and proven skills for making lasting behavior changes to support a healthy, balanced life.  Her focus is on enhancing the capacity for self-awareness, self-care, and resiliency.  She has extensive experience offering counseling, heath education, and healthy lifestyle coaching to both individuals and groups.  Her programs have achieved outstanding clinical outcomes and the highest satisfaction scores.  She is the co-author of several scientific publications and has given numerous presentations in the field of health psychology.


Dr. Diem lives with her husband and two young boys in Madison, Wisconsin.  In her leisure time, she enjoys cooking, staying active, traveling, and spending time with family and good friends. 






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