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On-site Well-being Clinics

Taking care of not just physical health but five other pillars of wellness


•  Work injuries are prevented or quickly assessed should they occur.


•  Health risk factors such as poor nutrition, lack of exercise, obesity, hypertension and diabetes are managed with ongoing support and follow up.


•  Presence of on-site support systems greatly enhances employees’ satisfaction, engagement and their sense of “belonging” and loyalty. Employees feel their company genuinely cares about them.


•  Disability days, job absenteeism and "presenteeism" are significantly reduced.


•  Doctor visits and medication use are lowered.


 * Wellness is promoted by addressing physical health, mental and emotional health, healthy relationships with co-workers, family and friends and healthy social relationships.


•  * By applying diagnostic tools, stress, satisfaction and engagement levels are continuously monitored, managed and improved upon. In order not to waste corporate resources, interventions are focused on specific problem areas.  


 * Unique features of PreventionCare’s on-site clinics and training courses.  


In summary, employees are healthier, happier, more satisfied, more engaged with the company, more productive and more “fit for business”. In return, the organization enjoys more efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced disability leaves and workers comp. claims, lower absenteeism, lower "presenteeism",  less employee turn over, fewer law suits, higher ethical standards, increased productivity, improved financial performance and better shareholder value.

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