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Robert A Beckman, CPA

Business advisory board member


Mr. Beckman is the CEO and director of Wicab Inc. He joined Wicab in January 2004 as President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Under Mr. Beckman’s leadership, the company raised more than $11 million in investor capital, primarily from Wisconsin based Angel investors in 2004-2005. In addition the company received $2.5 million from Google in 2011-2013 In support of the company’s FDA clinical studies. During Mr. Beckman’s tenure, Wicab has also been awarded grants from the US Army totaling $4.7 million and research funding from DARPA for $1.5 million.


The BrainPort V100 was cleared for sale in Europe and Canada in 2013. Wicab successfully completed a one year clinical study in 2013 in support of its application to FDA for clearance to sell the BrainPort V100 in the United States and is currently waiting for FDA to complete its review of the submission. Recently Wicab received $3 million from Haiyin Capital, a China based venture capital investor. Wicab intends to utilize the proceeds of this investment to further develop the V100 technology and to launch its technology in China, where there are more than 4 million people who are totally blind.


Prior to joining Wicab, Mr. Beckman had served as a Director and Vice President Finance for Bone Care International, from 2001 to 2003 and Vice President Finance and Chief Operating Officer of Lunar Corporation from 1986 to 2000. Mr. Beckman began his career as a member of the Audit Department of PMM&Co (later KPMG) in Chicago Illinois. Mr. Beckman is a 1976 graduate of Lewis University in Lockport Illinois and currently serves as a Trustee and Chair of the Finance Committee for the University.

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