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The “Stress, Satisfaction and Engagement (SSE-36)”  Inventory


The “Stress, Satisfaction and Engagement” [SSE] Inventory is used to assess individual and/or workforce status on 36 indicators of personal and productive wellbeing in their worklife, summarized as scores on these three factors:


  • Work Stress … experienced as energizing or as draining

  • Work Satisfaction …work as more, or as less, personally rewarding

  • Engagement with Work … degree of commitment to company purposes and to the work being done.


    To provide a balanced picture, the SSE invites each employee’s perceptions on 6 positively phrased and 6 negatively phrased indicators of each of these three SSE factors.


Each of the three factor scores summarizes the overall gap between employees’ positive perceptions and their negative perceptions of their work experiences. The more positive the score, the stronger is their personal and productive wellbeing going forward.


The SSE-36 is incorporated into VitalityPro, the on-line comprehensive diagnostic that combines and enhances VQ profile and SSE-36.


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