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Large scale applications and refinements of the Vitality Quotient [VQ] profile system, 1980 to 2004


Over the past 24 years, the Canadian Institute of Stress [CIS] has applied and, therefore, been able to refine, the V.Q. as a frontend profiling tool for …

workforce and personal profiling and program planning;

  • Group-based training, and

  • One-to-one coaching & counseling

    in …

  • The workplace,

  • Occupational health operations and

  • Health promotion settings


    Based in this growing data set, numbering >89,700 in January, 2004, CIS has been able to:


  • Refine the V.Q.’s psychometric robustness in indicators both of reliability and of validity across diverse population groups;and

  • Reduce its number of component questionnaire items … from the 256 items in CIS’s original Stress Inventory System to the current V.Q.’s 61 items


    The following illustrate the types of clients who have relied on the V.Q. profile system:


1- Workplace


  • McKinsey & Company--110 partners, principals and consultants in Toronto

  • Shell Canada-->4000 staff across Canada

  • Office of the Auditor General of Canada--620 Canada-wide staff

  • Nortel Networks-->1200 middle managers and executives

  • CP Rail Systems-->400 HQ staff

  • Department of National Defence-->1650 Base staff [military & civilian]

  • Royal Bank--frontend to video-based training package, “Finding Vitality”


2- Occupational Health


  • Air Canada-- frontend to their “Stress & Lifestyle Awareness” company-wide program

  • Canadian airlines-->120 pilots

  • Medcan Health Management [Executive Clinic] -- >24,000 executives and professionals, with repeated measures captured for >21,400 (two or more annual retests)

  • Lifegevity Center-->1100 members of an elite “whole-person fitness” club in Dayton, Ohio

  • Ginza Clinic, several thousand using Japanese version of the V.Q.


3- Health promotion


  • Ardagh Clinic, Dublin Ireland-->1600 participants having one of a number of chronic degenerative conditions

  • Ontario Public Health Units for health promotion programs in the workplace and for the public … Health Units using the V.Q. areYork Region; Peel; Halton; and Sudbury

  • Japan Public Health Research Foundation


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